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BSL and assistance dogs


I have a question. Many people work with breeds such as a German Shepherd or the Doberman as their assistance dog.
When entering areas of the country where BSL (breed-specific legislation) has been enacted, what are your rights as a person with a disability working a dog who is of a banned breed?

I am currently training Laveau; a Lab Doberman mix. I realize that I do not have rights to places of public accommodation with her under the ADA until she is fully trained and don't plan on taking her to any areas where BSL has been enacted until she has been fully trained. I am trying to find a list of places in the US and Canada where Dobermans and or Doberman mixes have been banned so that once she is fully trained I can be extra aware in those locations.

Seeing as how the use of GSDs are so popular, has this been a problem for anyone before? Are there any documented cases where a PWD and an SD who is of a banned breed entered a city where there was a problem?

Thanks so much for any advice you can share on this matter.
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