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Service Dog aggressions?

I was in the Disney Store in Washington State, and I use a service dog, and she is very well behaved (and I do have a prescription for her).
Well, a woman came into the store with her Labrador on a D-Ring guide harness, and her dog went balistic after my dog. She kept snapping the dogs collar (a slip collar/choke chain). My girl did give a bark, but that was it. This woman was NOT blind, but using a guide harness. The dog was NOT in training (I had my friend ask the owner). She said it was a service dog, full and complete. Yeah, right, and I'm the president of the United States.
Umm, what can be asked...a business can ask if the dog is a service dog, but not what the handlers disability is. Um, well, the other problem is that yes, people will go on Ebay and buy these guide harnesses, and pass off pets as service dogs, but not respect those who really need and use service dogs.
I know at times I wish that I did not have the dog at my side 24/7. But she is my lifeline, so, like an oxygen tank, I cannot be seperated from her for more than a few moments.
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