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Qualifies for service dogs

Hey all –
I just joined the community. A little background about me: I’m 26, have quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and am nonverbal. I don’t currently have a service dog but within the next 4 months, I plan to adopt a pitbull puppy and self-train him/her. I want to self-train for two reasons – the breed I want and the fact that many service dog organizations require nonverbal people to be with a guardian at all times which is utterly ridiculous. I want a 5-10 month old and I want to rescue my dog. I plan to email a couple rescue organizations and ask them to keep an eye out for that “perfect puppy”. I know the basic qualities to ask for – alertness, intelligence, people focused, good health, etc – but what else should I ask for. I have been working with dogs for 15 years and have extensive experience with pitbulls.
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