evester22 (evester22) wrote in sdgroup,

Bringing a puppy into a dog-aggressive home

Here's the situation. I am currently living with my parents and we have a super sweet lab who's 14 years old and somewhat dog-aggressive. She really doesn't like female dogs or dogs who get up in her face. She has lived successfully with another small male dog and a male pit bull. The dilemma is that I will be moving soon and when I move I have been planning to get a puppy to train as my service dog. I just found the best little 6 month old puppy on earth from a rescue shelter and I really don't want to miss out on him just because its going to take an extra 3 months to move. The puppy is in foster care and has been living with an adult dog. My parents have a fenced in yard and all that good stuff. But I am worried about the safety and happiness of both Annie (the older dog) and the puppy. My dad is taking a break from work so he would be available to help me train and integrate both dogs and I have a professional trainer. My parents and I think that it might be possible to integrate them slowly. I would be with the puppy all day so I could train him and make sure he is safe. I am just nervous about the two dogs getting along. Is it realistic to think that an older dog aggressive dog could be integrated into having a puppy in the house? Is Annie going to be really jealous of the special bond my puppy and I will have? Thanks for your advice.
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