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Service dogs in Italy

I thought this was the best place to ask. My friend and her boyfriend are going travelling around Italy but she has a gsd/malinois mix seizure dog. With Italy's attitude to dogs she wasn't sure if she could take him or what restrictions he would be under when they were there. I was wondering if you guys knew or knew any websites where she could find out. Thank you.
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I don't have personal experience with this but I did a Google search. A very similar question was posted on Yahoo!Answers with a detailed response.

Find it here:

The person who posted the answer says that they're a disability and service dog advocate. There was one broken link to the Italian Embassy. This is a link to the list of embassies and consulates in the US (where I'm assuming your friend is traveling from):
And this is the link to the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC:

Hope this helps1
She's in the UK but the link to the embassy was on that site anyway thank you.