lindsay (remix22) wrote in sdgroup,

Real or a Scam?

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TOTAl scam.
That's what I was thinking. $40 registration fee? Really?
1. Certification is NOT REQUIRED by law. It CANNOT be required by most public places with a very few exceptions.
2. Voluntary certification is utterly meaningless without some sort of quality control. Signing a form saying you are indeed disabled and that your animal is appropriately behaved is not quality control.
3. Preying on people who think that because their disabled, they can get a 'certification' and then they are entitled to take their pet anywhere is SCUZZY.
4. See #1, because to be honest, that's the only part that really matters.
They do state that certification is not required by law - I know this as well. You make a very good point is #2.

I guess my question to these people would be: What is the benefit to your "database" and your "registration" that trumps my dog's service vest? (See your point #3)

While the idea behind it good, I agree with scam.