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Some clarification needed

Hi Everyone! 

I am doing a presentation for my Ambulatory Care rotation (I am in my final year of pharmacy school) on dogs as healthcare professionals.  I am trying to clarify that I have a correct understanding of the definitions associated with assistance dogs.  It's rather confusing!

Here is what I was lead to understand:
ASSISTANCE dogs are a broad category including Service dogs, Guide dogs, Hearing dogs, Seizure-response dogs, etc.  Does this include Therapy dogs and Skilled Companion dogs?

I have a SERVICE dog named Sunny who is trained to assist me with my physical disability.  The term "service" is most confusing to me.  I know service dogs do not include hearing and guide dogs but what about psychiatric-support dogs?  I was under the impression that seizure-response dogs were considered service dogs also.

Can anyone help me  out?  I don't want to misinform these people!  I've tried looking online but unfortunately it seems that the sites that I would consider the most reputable (ADI, IAADP, etc) either don't spell things out or I just can't find them!  


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