lindsay (remix22) wrote in sdgroup,

Training for the escalators

We have a big new Target near where I live, which is pretty much just a Target with a parking garage, and the store is upstairs - there's no "ground level," and it's not pretty, or huge, or much different from any of the other stores in the area.

However, it crossed my mind while I was there that a skill Howie should learn is to go up escalators. I have a nervous fear of them myself, since when I was 5 I got a shoe lace caught in one and I got stuck. It was bad. I've been working on it, but I still hesitate, waiting for that perfect moving step to emerge from the floor.

However, these are lifesaver to me, because I can often get tired out after walking around a mall or a store and climbing stairs is just exhausting.

So, how do I go about training my dog to ride stairs that are moving? Any tips?

He's not quite ready for going out in public, but I thought about scoping out a quieter day at the mall to go work on the escalators there. Although, in the middle of the day, this particular Target was fairly slow, too.
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