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Service Dog ID's/FAQ Cards/Wallet ID's/Pins

As most of you guys know, I've been having major back issues and have been out of work, and of course, going through a divorce is not cheap on your pocketbook, going from a 2-person income to a meager one-person income. :/

Thanks to dusty_sdit, I fixed the whole 'ACCESS REQUIRED BY LAW FOR SERVICE ANIMALS' thing, so now the new ones just say 'ACCESS REQUIRED BY LAW', even though in the pictures, it's Piper's IDs (my dog), so they say the old thing.

In an attempt to A) BUSY MY MIND WHILE I AM HOME (I'm going crazy guys), and B) Raise some extra cheddar, I'm making Service ID's, FAQ Cards, Wallet ID's, and Now, PINSSSSS. (1 1/4" and 2 1/4")

Even if you don't want any yourself, if you could tell someone you know about them I would be so, so grateful. I really would. I make these all by hand. :) Labor of love!

If anyone wants them and doesn't wanna go through E-bay, LJ-note me- I have paypal and we can do it directly through there.

Before I link the ebay auctions, I will include a picture of Piper with my dad in honor of Father's Day- but please don't tell my dad, he'd flip. He hates The Internet (TM). This is my favorite picture of him and Piper. he loves her, and she loves him.

Okay, so now to the Ebay links.

IDs/FAQ Cards/Wallet ID's:

2 1/4" Pins:

1 1/4" Pins:

Note: If this isn't ok, please delete, and accept my apologies!
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