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Service Dogs

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Since there is so little information out there online about Service dogs (that I could find), I have decided to make a community devoted to these outstanding creatures. The main purpose of this group is to share stories, tips, and information about Service dogs. I am going to make a website that goes along with this group so all the great information is all in one website. If this group sounds interesting and you would like to join, feel free! It'd be great if you would introduce yourself upon arrival. :-) Thanks!

P.S. Bashing will not be tolerated. Please keep this group friendly and enjoyable.

What Is a Service Dog?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990), a dog is
considered a "service dog" if it has been "individually trained to do work
or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability."

Also according to the ADA, a "disability" is a "mental or physical
condition which substantially limits a major life activity" such as:

* caring for one's self.
* performing manual tasks.
* walking.
* seeing.
* hearing.
* speaking.
* breathing.
* learning.
* working.

Some disabilities may not be visible, such as:

* deafness.
* epilepsy.
* psychiatric conditions.

To be considered a service dog, the dog must be trained to perform tasks
directly related to the person's disability.